Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Marvel's Avengers Original Video Game Soundtrack

Release DateSep 04, 2020
ComposersBobby Tahouri
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byHollywood
PlatformsGoogle Stadia, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4
ProductsMarvel’s Avengers


01Every Hero Has to Start Somewhere8:44
02The Light That Failed2:48
03God of Thunder3:12
04They Played Us1:21
05New Normal2:27
06I Am Iron Man3:00
07Am I Alone?2:12
08No More Heroes2:13
09To Stand Alone2:05
10Some Things Haven’t Changed2:09
11We Are Dangerous1:38
12Hulk Smash1:41
13Perfect Landing2:01
14Old Friend1:33
15By Force of Mind3:07
16It’s a Thing You Do3:18

Disc length 43:29


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Sitting on Clouds Cutom Link Shortner

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