Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack


Release DateOct 29, 2014
ComposersMasami Ueda, Naofumi Harada, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Norihiko Hibino, Takahiro Izutani, Satoshi Igarashi, Hitomi Kurokawa, Takayasu Sodeoka, Rei Kondoh, Naoto Tanaka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex music creative)
PlatformsNintendo Wii UNintendo Switch
ProductsBayonetta 2


02The Legend Of Aesir3:34
03EV01 A Lumen Sage1:03
04EV02 The End1:09
05GM01 Chapter Start2:06
06EV03-1 Prologue0:54
07EV03-2 Shopping (A)1:40
08EV03-3 Jeanne’s Entrance0:24
09EV03-4 Premonition (A)0:45
10EV03-5 Premonition (B)0:41
11EV03-6 Shopping (B)0:45
12EV03-7 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight (A)1:12
13Moon River (∞ Climax Mix)8:30
14EV04-1 A Present From Rodin (A)1:08
15EV04-2 Trying On Love Is Blue0:18
16EV04-3 A Present From Rodin (B)0:26
17Theme Of Bayonetta 2 – Tomorrow Is Mine4:25
18Angels Descend0:16
19Mad Rush2:50
20The Heavies (2nd Climax Ver.)4:05
21Summoning The Infernal Demon (2nd Climax Ver.)0:47
22EV05 Gomorrah Goes Berserk0:56
23Gomorrah – Devourer Of The Divine4:13
24Time For The Climax!2:33
25EV06 Sadness And Anger0:33
26The Gates Of Hell4:09
27EV07-1 Jeanne’s Fate1:03
28EV07-2 To The Gates Of Hell0:49
29GM02 Chapter Complete1:47
30EV08 Enzo Talks And Talks1:06
31EV09-1 In The Jet With Enzo (A)0:31
32EV09-2 In The Jet With Enzo (B)1:01
33ST01 The Water Capital Of Noatun3:57
34Remembrance Of Time (A)1:37
35ST02 Noatun, Ruins Of Chaos3:21
36Rising Alley1:31
37ST03 Noatun: The Cascade Foregrounds3:29

Disc length 72:02

01EV10-1 Loki, The Mysterious Youth Appears0:46
02EV10-2 Talking With Loki (A)2:50
03EV10-3 Talking With Loki (B)0:44
04EV11 Valiance Appears0:52
05ST04 Noatun: The Church3:24
06EV12 Reunited With Loki0:30
08EV13 Danger Finds Loki0:09
09EV14-1 Moonstruck Lovers0:09
10EV14-2 Fleur De La Reine0:23
11EV14-3 Here’s Luka0:50
12EV14-4 The Eyes Of The World4:17
13EV14-5 Our Little Guide0:48
14EV15 Tsunami: The Remembrance Of Time’s Power0:26
15Big Wave0:33
16EV16 At The Cathedral: The Remembrance Of Time’s Power0:28
17Remembrance Of Time (B)2:44
18EV17 Talking With Loki (C)1:41
19Glamor’s Return1:36
20Glamor – In Charm And Allure4:13
21EV18 Loki’s Fall0:22
22EV19 Something Unsettling…0:29
23ST05 Noatun At Dusk3:23
24EV20-1 The Two Meet (A)0:32
25EV20-2 The Two Meet (B)0:52
26Trouble For Loki2:55
27EV21 The Masked Lumen1:38
28The Lumen Sage3:40
29The Lumen Sage & Fortitudo5:02
30The Lumen Sage & Temperantia5:07
31A Butterfly Against the Storm2:06
32The Lumen Sage – Climax1:27
33EV22 Loki’s… End?0:16
34To The Cathedral Of Cascades2:37
35Demons Descend0:19
36ST06 The Cathedral Of Cascades2:00
37EV23-1 Hovering Sphere0:24
38EV23-2 Sensing Something From Behind0:24
39EV24 The World’s Beginning2:01
40EV25 Talking With Luka0:43
41To The Top3:21
42EV26 A Remembrance Of Time: Bridge To The Heavens0:23
43Crossing The Bridge To The Heavens2:33

Disc length 73:58

01EV27 Valor’s Entrance0:15
02Valor – In Courage And Galantry5:46
03EV28-1 To The Lake’s Depths0:39
04EV28-2 A Remembrance Of Time: The Ark0:23
05Insidious – Consumer Of All5:43
06EV29 The Ark, Swallowed0:08
07ST07 Inside Insidious2:23
08EV30 The Masked Lumen, Again1:02
09EV31 Pendant0:34
10ST08 Ruins Of Lost Memory3:58
11EV32 Golem Appears0:13
12The Giants4:16
13Remembrance Of Time (C)4:11
14To The Entrance Of Inferno0:29
15EV33 The Masked Lumen And The Prophet1:53
16Beyond Time6:40
17EV34-1 Power Surpassing Time And Space0:44
18EV34-2 Upsetting Reality (A)3:19
19EV34-3 Upsetting Reality (B)0:42
20ST09 The Depths3:16
22ST10 The Depths: Johnson Forest3:36
23EV35 Talking With Rodin In Inferno0:32
24EV36-1 Alraune’s Entrance1:03
25EV36-2 Hatred For Madama Butterfly (A)0:43
26EV36-3 Hatred For Madama Butterfly (B)0:21
27Alraune – Whisperer Of Dementia5:38
28EV37 Alraune’s Wrath1:01
29Alraune – Whisperer Of Insanity7:05
30EV38-1 Saving A Friend (A)0:25
31EV38-2 Saving A Friend (B)0:35
32EV38-3 Saving A Friend (C)1:27
33EV38-4 Rodin’s Art0:41

Disc length 73:18

02EV39-1 The Umbra And The Lumen (A)1:39
03EV39-2 The Umbra And The Lumen (B)0:27
04You May Call Me Father7:55
05EV40 Loki Awakens0:26
06EV41 Vigrid, 500 Years Before0:23
07ST11-1 Vigrid (A)2:50
08EV42 Rosa’s Entrance1:10
09ST11-2 Vigrid (B)1:02
10Fortitudo – In Labors And Dangers7:13
11ST11-3 Vigrid (C)1:30
12ST12 Underground Passage4:13
13ST13-1 Molten Caverns (A)2:34
14The Heavies (1st Climax Ver.)3:14
15Summoning The Infernal Demon (1st Climax Ver.)2:06
16ST13-2 Molten Caverns (B)3:35
17Riders Of The Light3:31
18ST14 The Witches’ Training Grounds2:24
19ST15 The Great War, Land Battle6:20
20Sapientia – In The Choice Between Good And Evil5:46
21EV43 Resplendence’s Judgement0:18
22ST16 The Great War, Aerial Battle3:21
23Iustitia – In Giving Every Man His Due6:21

Disc length 72:00

01Temperantia – In Foregoing Pleasures5:26
02One Of A Kind5:08
03EV44 Loptr’s Entrance1:05
04EV45-1 Luka And Loki’s Talk At The Entrance Of Inferno (A)0:47
05EV45-2 Luka And Loki’s Talk At The Entrance Of Inferno (B)0:16
06ST17 Crescent Valley (2nd Climax Ver.)3:11
07EV46 Truth0:26
08EV47 My True Love1:26
09EV48-1 To Fimbulventr, The Sacred Mountain (A)0:32
10EV48-2 To Fimbulventr, The Sacred Mountain (B)1:05
11EV49 Loki And Luka Head To The Temple1:24
12ST18 To The Sovereign Quarters1:25
13EV50-1 His Real Revenge1:42
14EV50-2 Loptr Speaks (A)2:05
15EV50-3 Loptr Speaks (B)0:54
16EV50-4 Luka Rushes In0:12
17EV50-5 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight (B)0:33
18EV51-1 Aesir, The God Of Chaos1:54
19EV51-2 With Balder0:40
21EV52-1 Loki’s Gamble (A)0:37
22EV52-2 Loki’s Gamble (B)0:34
23The God Of Chaos!?2:01
24EV53-1 Balder’s Decision0:57
25EV53-2 My Dear, Sweet Child0:52
26EV53-3 See You Around1:54
27EV54 Epilogue0:32
28Let’s Dance, Boys! (2nd Climax Ver.)4:34
29Moon River2:46
30EV55 The Beginning0:22
31Sweet Memories2:43
32GM03 Verse Result Jingle0:06
33SE01 Stone Coin Jingle0:04
34SE02 Bronze Coin Jingle0:04
35GM04 Silver Coin Jingle0:04
36GM05 Gold Coin Jingle0:04
37GM06 Platinum Coin Jingle0:05
38Mysterious Destiny (Retro Version)3:49
39Blood & Darkness8:09
40Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Entrance Of The Gladiators0:25
41Angelic Hymns Gold LP: William Tell Overture0:25
42Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Der Hölle Rache0:25
43Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Erlkönig0:25
44Angelic Hymns Gold LP: The Harmonious Blacksmith0:25
45Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Matthäus-Passion0:27
46E3 2013 Promotion1:26
47Trailer – End Credits0:10

Disc length 70:51

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