Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack


Release DateApr 27, 2016
ComposersHiroki Morishita, Takeru Kanazaki, Rei Kondoh, Masato Kouda, Yasuhisa Baba, Yuka Tsujiyoko, Yoshito Hirano
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySymphony No.5 / Tablier Communications
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsFire Emblem Fates


01Lakeside Song0:39
02Hanging Balance0:55
03Ties That Bind1:02
04Endless Nightmare0:56
05Woleb Tsap2:42
06Quiet Burn2:26
07Quiet Burn (Roar)2:26
08Watery Music Box1:17
09Dusk Falls5:28
10Dusk Falls (Fire)5:28
11Far Dawn5:49
12Far Dawn (Storm)5:49

Disc length 36:11

01Past Light5:55
02Past Light (Storm)5:54
03Pale Star3:10
04Misery in Hand2:29
05Paradise (Light)2:48
06Shine in the Light3:27
07Resolve (Light)5:12
08Justice RIP5:15
09Justice RIP (Storm)5:15
10Lingering Clouds3:04
11Rage in the Light2:21
12Homesick (Light)2:18
13Implore the Dawn3:08
14Light Song1:15
15Guest of Light3:08
17Alight (Storm)5:39
18Rush (Light)1:31
19You of the Light2:23
20End of All (Sky)4:37
21A Mother’s Wish1:26

Disc length 75:54

01Dark Wastes4:56
02Dark Wastes (Fire)4:56
03Dim Moonlight2:41
05Paradise (Dark)1:50
06Dance in the Dark3:03
07Resolve (Dark)5:11
08No Justice5:53
09No Justice (Fire)5:53
10Raging Dark Winds2:45
11Squirm in the Dark2:19
12Homesick (Dark)1:49
13Pray to the Dark3:19
14Dark Song1:09
15Guest of Shade2:39
16A Dark Fall5:43
17A Dark Fall (Fire)5:44
18Rush (Dark)1:31
19You of the Dark2:29
20End of All (Land)4:37
21A Brother’s Vow1:26

Disc length 72:08

01Road Taken5:33
02Road Taken (Roar)5:33
03Abundant Solace4:32
04Petals in the Wind3:00
05What Can You Do?2:39
06The Path to You3:32
07Sound of Hammers2:03
08Curious Dining1:40
09No Cure For…1:50
10Unfamiliar Streets3:05
11Pleasure Capital3:04
12Valiant Illusion1:23
14“Open for Business!”2:18
15Light on a Window2:40
16Are You Listening?2:43
17Left to Heaven1:04
18A Lady’s Mirror1:29
19Rest & Indulgence2:05
21Rejoice in Love3:56
22To a Foreign Land4:28
23Conquest (Fates version)4:29
24Conquest (Ablaze) (Fates version)4:27

Disc length 72:09

02Knowledge (Roar)5:35
03The Wistful Wilds2:29
04How Can That Be?2:49
05Spreading Shadow2:33
06Vanity Judge5:31
07Vanity Judge (Roar)5:31
08Time of Retribution2:48
09Wild Outlaw2:23
10The Dim Abyss2:41
11Prelude to Dispute3:10
12Advance Confusion2:33
14As All Stars Fall2:22
15Prelude to Disaster2:33
17Thorn in You6:23
18Thorn in You (Roar)6:23
19Warmth Is Gone4:17

Disc length 68:56

01Past Below5:35
02Past Below (Flow)5:35
03Flickering Illusion2:33
04Puppet’s Feast2:20
06The Water Maiden2:57
07Those Who Visit4:39
09True Form of Evil2:53
10Land Below5:50
11Land Below (Flow)5:50
12Vacant Cradle2:29
13Destiny by Blood2:22
14In the Stars4:37
15The Truth-Teller2:05
16Return to Elegance2:15
17Woleb Tsap (Flow)2:42

Disc length 63:41

01Far Away5:22
02Far Away (Deeds)5:21
03Obsidian Ruler2:34
04Lost King’s Supper2:31
05New Power2:09
07Glory/Ruin (Deeds)6:08
08Coming Demise3:14
09Fantastical Feast2:11
11Destiny, Help Us4:39
12End of All (Below)4:37
13Ember of Hope3:17
14Brethren United1:52
15Final Elites6:05
16Lost in Thoughts All Alone5:56
18Flowing Waters1:26
19FATE (For Sakura and Elise)3:07

Disc length 73:55

01New Heights0:14
02Path of the Hero-King2:07
03The Devoted (Fates version)1:41
04Rival (Fates version)3:15
05Id (Hope) (Fates version)2:19
06Contest of Pride5:47
07Contest of Pride (Roar)5:47
08Contest of Pride (Blast)5:47
09“Oh, it’s not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little walk!” (Fates version)4:14
10Prelude (Fates version)5:39
11Prelude (Ablaze) (Fates version)5:39
12“It appears the capital was spared the chaos.” (Fates version)3:27
13Id (Serenity) (Fates version)3:23
14“Negotiation’s not my strong suit…” (Fates version)2:24
15“Let’s see what I’m capable of now.” (Fates version)1:23
16Desire Below5:31
17Desire Below (Flow)5:31
18“Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.” (Fates version)3:21
19Bearer of Hope (Fates version)3:28
20Duty (Fates version)5:50
21Duty (Ablaze) (Fates version)5:50
22Abundant Solace (Festival)4:24
23Perplexing Dreams2:24
24Premonition (Support)4:39
25Lost in the Waves3:48
26Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Remembrance)2:28
27Lakeside Song (Instrumental)0:24
28Grief (Instrumental)1:13
29Light Song (Instrumental)1:13
30Dark Song (Instrumental)1:06
31End of All (Instrumental)4:28
32Lost in the Waves (Instrumental)3:45
33Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Instrumental)5:54
34Woleb Tsap (ver.AC)2:49
35Quiet Burn (ver.AC)2:32
36Watery Music Box (ver.AC)1:18
37Dusk Falls (ver.AC)5:45
38Far Dawn (ver.AC)6:07
39Past Light (ver.AC)6:13
40Pale Star (ver.AC)3:18
41Paradise (Light) (ver.AC)2:55
42Shine in the Light (ver.AC)3:36
43Resolve (Light) (ver.AC)5:27
44Justice RIP (ver.AC)5:31
45Lingering Clouds (ver.AC)3:12
46Homesick (Light) (ver.AC)2:22
47Implore the Dawn (ver.AC)3:16
48Guest of Light (ver.AC)3:16
49Alight (ver.AC)5:56
50Dark Wastes (ver.AC)5:10
51Dim Moonlight (ver.AC)2:48
52Paradise (Dark) (ver.AC)1:54
53Dance in the Dark (ver.AC)3:10
54Resolve (Dark) (ver.AC)5:27
55No Justice (ver.AC)6:11
56Raging Dark Winds (ver.AC)2:52
57Homesick (Dark) (ver.AC)1:52
58Pray to the Dark (ver.AC)3:28
59Guest of Shade (ver.AC)2:45
60A Dark Fall (ver.AC)6:01
61Road Taken (ver.AC)5:49
62Abundant Solace (ver.AC)4:45
63Petals in the Wind (ver.AC)3:08
64What Can You Do? (ver.AC)2:45
65The Path to You (ver.AC)3:41
66Sound of Hammers (ver.AC)2:08
67Curious Dining (ver.AC)1:42
68No Cure For… (ver.AC)1:53
69Unfamiliar Streets (ver.AC)3:12
70Pleasure Capital (ver.AC)3:11
71Valiant Illusion (ver.AC)1:24
72Humming/Treasures (ver.AC)1:37
73“Open for Business!” (ver.AC)2:23
74Light on a Window (ver.AC)2:46
75Are You Listening? (ver.AC)2:50
76Left to Heaven (ver.AC)1:04
77A Lady’s Mirror (ver.AC)1:31
78Rest & Indulgence (ver.AC)2:09
79Reminiscence (ver.AC)3:09
80Rejoice in Love (ver.AC)4:07
81To a Foreign Land (ver.AC)4:40
82Conquest (ver.AC)4:42
83Knowledge (ver.AC)5:51
84The Wistful Wilds (ver.AC)2:35
85How Can That Be? (ver.AC)2:56
86Spreading Shadow (ver.AC)2:39
87Vanity Judge (ver.AC)5:47
88Time of Retribution (ver.AC)2:55
89The Dim Abyss (ver.AC)2:47
90Prelude to Dispute (ver.AC)3:18
91Advance Confusion (ver.AC)2:39
92As All Stars Fall (ver.AC)2:27
93Prelude to Disaster (ver.AC)2:39
94Thorn in You (ver.AC)6:43
95Warmth Is Gone (ver.AC)4:32
96Past Below (ver.AC)5:51
97Flickering Illusion (ver.AC)2:39
98Oblivescence (ver.AC)4:45
99The Water Maiden (ver.AC)3:04
100Those Who Visit (ver.AC)4:53
101Premonition (ver.AC)4:39
102True Form of Evil (ver.AC)3:00
103Land Below (ver.AC)6:08
104Vacant Cradle (ver.AC)2:35
105In the Stars (ver.AC)4:50
106The Truth-Teller (ver.AC)2:09
107Return to Elegance (ver.AC)2:20
108Far Away (ver.AC)5:38
109Obsidian Ruler (ver.AC)2:40
110New Power (ver.AC)2:14
111Glory/Ruin (ver.AC)6:27
112Coming Demise (ver.AC)3:23
113Egdelwonk (ver.AC)2:51
114Destiny, Help Us (ver.AC)4:52
115Ember of Hope (ver.AC)3:26

Disc length 414:22

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