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Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Extra Soundtrack

Release DateMar 27, 2009
ComposersNorikazu Miura, Yoshino Aoki, Masaharu Iwata, Kaori Komuro, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima, Daisuke Kikuta, Tomoaki Hirono, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Noriyasu Agematsu, Masato Nakayama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Arrangement 
Published byKonami Digital Entertainment
PlatformsNintendo DS
ProductsSuikoden Tierkreis


01Tierkreis~Door of Hope – with Ramin4:58
02Frontier Hamlet3:08
03Wandering Caravan3:20
04Intentions of the Imperial Family2:52
05Warriors of the Great Plains2:51
06Castle of Shining Dying Wishes3:09
07One Who Watches Over the Stars3:35
08Giant of a Proud Mountain3:19
09The People of the Sea2:45
10Woodland Nation3:50
11Sally Beacon -Solid Brass Mix-4:27
12Clash with the Archivist -Next Impact Mix-4:02
13A Single World!1:14

Disc length 43:30

01Title Back ~Title BGM~0:53
02Visitor from Another World ~The Tenkai Star from One Million Worlds BGM~2:50
03With Mighty Will ~Event BGM~2:29
04Friend of the Great Plains ~Cougar’s Theme~3:03
05Unbeliable Truth ~Event BGM~1:56
06Sisuca’s Room ~Sisuca Menu BGM~3:12
07The Source of Wisdom and Courage ~System Menu BGM~2:00
08Shopping ~Shop Menu BGM~1:54
09Preparations for the Journey ~Status Menu BGM~1:11
10Uneasy Development ~Event BGM~2:20
11Whereabouts of Offense and Defense ~Event BGM~3:08
12Archivist ~Archivist Theme~3:05
13Threat to the Order ~Fergus, Conon Event BGM~2:15
14Clash with the Archivist ~Archivist Battle BGM~4:10
15Recovered Stars ~Game Over BGM~1:19
16A Menace Called One ~Order of the One Way BGM~3:22
17A Path to Stray ~Dungeon BGM~3:00
18Imminent Crisis ~Event BGM~1:24
19Coast Cave ~Coast Cave Dungeon BGM~2:27
20Conflict ~Event BGM~1:48

Disc length 47:46

01Ladzaa Fortress ~Ladzaa Fortress BGM~3:22
02Gates of the Great Fortress ~Fort Arc BGM~2:31
03What Ties the Stars Together ~The Tenkai Star’s Suffering BGM~3:13
04Lost Plains ~Marsinah Plains Corner BGM~3:08
05Unknown Woods ~Noslaw Woods BGM~2:34
06Inherited Crest ~Lao-Kwan Event BGM~2:23
07What Is Called Hell ~Rarohenga BGM~3:30
08Ruined Civilization ~Rarohenga Crater BGM~3:09
09Sorrowful Conclusion ~Event BGM~2:43
10Dancers of the North Star ~Yomi and Chihaya BGM~3:37
11Laugh Instrument? ~Ramin? BGM~2:46
12A Single World! ~Macoute’s Theme~2:20
13Wailing of the Giants ~Rigid Folk Event BGM~3:36
14As an Archivist… ~Archivist Event BGM~3:39
15Diadora’s Suffering ~Diadora Event BGM~1:56
16Repeated Day ~Futureless World BGM~4:14
17The Night Before the Decisive Battle ~The Night Before the Decisive Battle BGM~3:42
18The King’s Awakening ~The One King Battle BGM~3:03
19The Final Decisive Battle Between the Stars and the Darkness ~The One King Battle BGM~3:02
20Peaceful Fortress ~Headquarters Event BGM~2:08

Disc length 60:36

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